Special Announcement - Meet the Podcasters at Spring CUE

Episode Music Credits:  Old Love Instrumental by Joe Hertler and the Rainbow Seekers, 100% Clearance through Musicbed 

Exciting news for the podcast!!!  I was officially notified this week that I’m going to be featured at the Meet the Podcasters session as part of a panel of other podcasters at the Spring CUE conference in Palm Springs!!! 

If you are attending SpringCUE, join us Friday, March 17th at 1:45 pm in the Learning Theater at the Palm Springs Convention Center. We’ll be chatting about all things podcasting in the world of education with session host, Joe Marquez from CUE! I’m so excited that I get to share all about how the Blending In podcast came to be!!!  If you come to the session, come say “hi” at the end - I’d love to meet you!!! 

In addition to this special announcement, I have a couple of other details about Spring CUE to share with you!

If you are not a member of CUE and our local IACUE affiliate, you definitely should consider joining this amazing network of educators! It’s only $40 for the year to be a member of CUE and our local IACUE affiliate!  Also, if you still have not registered yet for the Spring CUE conference, you still have time! 

To become a member of CUE and our local IACUE affiliate, you can join HERE

You can register to attend the Spring CUE conference HERE.

And finally, you can register for our local IACUE affiliate dinner HERE.

Thanks again for listening to the Blending In podcast!! I appreciate your support for my podcast & I can’t wait to connect with you at Spring CUE!!!

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