E12 - Valuable Insights from my First Season of Podcasting

Episode Music Credits:  Old Love Instrumental by Joe Hertler and the Rainbow Seekers, 100% Clearance through Musicbed 

On this final episode of season 1, I share my journey into starting this podcast and some of the most valuable insights that I have gained this last year since launching Blending In.  I discussed how I’ve “blended in” podcasting into my role as an EdTech Specialist and how, through this platform, I’ve been able to highlight some amazing educators who are providing incredible learning opportunities inside the four walls of their classrooms.

In this episode, when discussing the "why" and "how" behind the podcast, I mentioned that I had been invited this past spring to be a part of the Meet the Podcasters session at Spring CUE.  For that event, I put together this Wakelet that really explained the development process for anyone who wants to take a deep dive into the why and how I produce the show and find links to more tools and resources mentioned in this episode.  During the episode, I talked briefly about the inspiration for the show which you can read more about on my Inspiration page and I discussed how I'm utilizing Canva for all graphic design elements - this is my FAVORITE EdTech tool!  I also mentioned MusicBed where I acquired the license to use the instrumental version of the song Old Love by Joe Hertler and the Rainbow Seekers. 

The rest of the episode, I spend time recapping the thirteen amazing educators I was able to interview during the first 11 episodes of season 1!  This episode I reflected back on my conversations with each of them and how they blended in good pedagogy with meaningful use of technology to engage and motivate students to do the hard work of learning.  Check out the Show Notes page to find more details and links to all of the episodes!

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