Show Notes

E00 - Blending in Trailer

E01 - Schooling Starfish with Erin Carr

E02 - John Muro's Digital Dojo

E03 - Making History Come Alive with Samia Muhareb

E04 - Making Teaching Easier with Tech with Kimberly Vannaman

E05 - Adapting to Technology in PE with Aaron Coyle

Bonus Episode - The "Why" behind Blending In

E06 - Bryce Bovee's Recipe for Consistency

E07 - Reimagining EDU with Inland Area Educators

Special Announcement - Meet the Podcasters at Spring CUE

E08 - Online & Hybrid Learning with Gerardo Saldana

E09 - John Bradshaw on the Depth & Complexity of the Academy of Innovation

E10 - The Magic of Blended Learning with Mekel Bromley

E11 - Student Produced Podcasts in Science Class with Anne Rizzacasa 

E12 - Valuable Insights from my First Season of Podcasting

E13 - Equitable & Engaging Environments with Librarian Kenia Harding

E14 - The Digital Media Pathway with Omar Ali

E15 - Elevating Learning through EdTech, AI, & the 4Cs with Tasha Burton

E16 - Reframing our Mindsets about AI in Education with Priten Shah

E17 - The Magic of the Modern Classroom Project with Daniell Adams

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