About the Blending In podcast...

Blending In is a podcast that gives listeners an auditory peek into the classrooms of innovative teachers who are “blending in” EdTech to create high-quality learning opportunities for their students.  Listen in as the host, EdTech Specialist Ashley Yazarlou, chats with educators to learn how they are leveraging the best of traditional learning methods while integrating technology in meaningful ways to provide students with more control of their learning experience.

About the host...

I am Ashley Yazarlou, the host of the Blending In podcast. I am an Educational Technology Specialist and CTI Reflective Coach in Hemet Unified School District in Southern California. I am also the Vice President of Communications on the Board for the Inland Area CUE affiliate (IACUE) which serves the greater San Bernardino and Riverside areas of our Inland Empire.  

Prior to stepping outside of the classroom, I was a middle school ELA teacher for 11 years in both Florida and California schools.  As a teacher with very little opportunity to collaborate with my colleagues, I did the best that I could with the resources that were available to me to engage and educate my students.  Because of the demands of our profession, I very rarely got the opportunity to actually see the methods my colleagues were using in their practice.

Once stepping outside of the classroom as an instructional coach, I learned more about Blended Learning from the amazing Dr. Catlin Tucker (see Inspiration page).

"Blended learning is the combination of active, engaged learning online combined with active, engaged learning offline to provide students with more control over the time, place, pace, and path of their learning."   ~ Dr. Catlin Tucker 

When observing classrooms, I was able to witness firsthand the innovative ways that other teachers were utilizing technology to create engaging, meaningful, and inclusive learning experiences for their students. So, I decided to start the Blending In podcast as a way to allow teachers like me, who never really get the opportunity to step outside the four walls of their classrooms, a chance to get a glimpse into the ways other teachers are facilitating blended learning.  

My hope is that after listening to my conversations with some amazing educators that you will be inspired to step out of your comfort zone and take the risk of "blending in" EdTech and top-notch, transformational techniques to empower meaningful, innovative learning experiences for all of your students.

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